Mission Statement

We are a community of parent volunteers that provides a support system to enrich students’ academic experience. We volunteer our time in service, sponsor and promote social activities, and provide programs to benefit and support the faculty and administration who are working to provide the best educational experience for our children.”

Immediate Volunteer Opportunities

WE NEED YOU! Volunteer Opportunities are abundant and we look forward to meeting you and working with you to help TPA be the best educational experience for our children.

FINGERPRINT CARDS are required. If you would like to learn more about how you can assist, please contact PSO@teleosprep.org to see what other opportunities are available.

The PSO encourages all Teleos Prep parents and guardians to participate and volunteer their time to assist support the school. To learn more about the different PSO programs. Please, contact the Teleos Prep PSO.


How can I support Teleos Prep and the PSO?

Get Involved!

We support the school in a wide range of items, so no matter what your talent or schedule, your assistance will make a difference!

  • It could be on a regular basis or one time
  • It could be from home or at school
  • Morning, evenings, or weekends

Teacher Appreciation

To show our appreciation to the teachers and staff for all they do, we’ve created a Snack and Breakfast Bar. To continue to replenish each item. Please, drop a box of any breakfast or snack item to the PSO or to the school admin. If you have question on what item to purchase? Contact PSO@teleosprep.org